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rake the Internet nice and clean!

Kill Password !

No more problems of account password.

Not only verify account holder, but also verify server.

No threats of key logger, RAT, phishing, fake cookies, bad bots.

  niceRaker intends to contribute nicePassTM with free licenses for non-commercial applications.  

niceRaker / nicePass™ product is available for evaluation, please see Tutorial.

  • Account Passwords Were Stolen Quite Often - if not using password, how can server verify account holder? how can server be verified by account holder?

  • nicePass Major Functions - mutual verification of account holder and server.

  • nicePass Special Capabilities - hack cannot logon your account with identical steps as you did; select one single unforgettable word to cover all your accounts in life time; there is no harms even if clients' authentication info is stolen from server.

  • nicePass Advantages - no more password stealing, no faked server, no DNS hackings, no threats of key logger, RAT, phishing, fake cookies, bad bots, easy to logon accounts; compatible with all niceRaker® niceXXX products.

  • Optional Hardware - niceDongle


Account Passwords Were Stolen Quite Often

nicePassTM Major Functions

  • Eliminate password stealing problems.
  • Eliminate hassles of managing passwords.
  • Avoid connecting to fake server.
  • Make many hacking means ineffective.
  • Meet federal government’s requirement of 2FA.
  • nicePaMa for logging on accounts that require passwords.

nicePassTM Special Capabilities

  • Hackers cannot logon your accounts even if duplicate the identical steps as you did.

  • Select unforgettable word (niceEsign) to create authentication info (AuthenInfo) that cannot be duplicated with the identical niceEsign.

  • May set niceEsign in multiple languages. In the event that someone can access your computer or pick up your lost mobile phone, hard to guess your niceEsign.

  • One single niceEsign covers all accounts.

  • No need to change niceEsign while changing AuthenInfo™ on a regular basis.

  • If clients' AuthenInfo™ are stolen from server, there is no harms.

nicePassTM Advantages

  • On server site, no more password stealing.

  • On client site, no threats of key logger, RAT, phishing, fake cookies, bad bots.

  • Randomly generated LogonToken™ for logon becomes obsolete once has been used or not used after a short period.

  • Account holder will automatically authenticate server to avoid connecting to fake servers.

  • For convenience, account holder selects a domain name of server to initiate connection; then logon at an IP address provided by the authenticated server to avoid DNS hackings.

  • Server may use fixed or floating IP address.

  • All web browsers do not need any changes; server use nicePass™ server software to replace logon web page that requests client to enter account ID and password, after authenticating client's identify, all the following process may remain the same.
  • Easy & safe to logon accounts ~

Step #1: After initial setup, enter niceEsign to invoke nicePass client software.

Why it is safe?

  • No one can use your secret niceEsign™, even if it is known to others, to logon your account if not on your computer or mobile phone.

  • You may set using niceDongle as a 2FA to logon your account. Without your private niceDongle™, no logon even if on your computer or mobile phone.

  • Without knowing your secret niceKey of private niceDongle™, no logon even if with your secret niceEsign™, computer or mobile phone, and private niceDongle™.

If you let someone to have all of your secret niceEsign™, computer or mobile phone, private niceDongle™, and secret niceKey™ of private niceDongle™, what would happen?

Step #2: Select the account you want to logon.


Why it is easy & safe?

  • Automatic.

  • No hassles of entering different passwords for different accounts.

  • Won't connect to fake servers.

  • Compatible with all niceRaker® niceXXX products in the near future.



Optional Hardware : niceDongleTM

  • AuthenInfo backup


  • Transfer AuthenInfo among computers, mobile phones, etc.

  • Used as 2FA.

  • Use others' devices to logon your accounts.

  • Reserve maintenance personnel may take over server.

  • Extra memory for info storage, transferring photos, audio, video, etc.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
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