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browse Your web browser marks niceRaker web pages as "Not secure"?
mp4 Problem with playing mp4? only sound?

Your web browser marks niceRaker® web pages as "Not secure"?



Some browsers might mark niceRaker® web pages as "Not secure".

Currently niceRaker® does not use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) -

* All niceRaker® web pages only display text and images, and do not process any data .

* SSL has some weaknesses and disadvantages.

* SSL certificates are not very reliable.


Most browsers mark a web page as "Not secure" just because the web site URL starts with http instead of https, no matter what the content of the web page is.

Even the simplest web page with the plain text "Hallow, world!"

  It is marked as 'Net secure".  

niceRaker® intends to release niceWeb and niceBrowser as more reasonable and reliable solutions.

Problem with playing mp4? only sound?

Some browsers do not play mp4 with video but only sound.

1. Click to show the command list.

2. Click 'Download'.

If you don't want to listen to the sound while downloading the mp4 file, you may

1. click pause button

2. to stop the playing.

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