Nowhere to find any solution?  Now, here is the one from niceRaker®.

A series of products that provides solutions you are unable to find from anywhere else.


List of 'Nowhere? Now, here!'

* niceAgent™

Accurately calculate each agent's due share of niceRaker® revenue for more than one agents promoting niceRaker® business in the same region.

niceRaker® revenue may be collected by niceRaker® or other parties such as Apple store, Goggle play, etc.


* niceAge™

Let web sites like porn sites verify that visitors meet age requirements without knowing their names or dates of birth.


* niceBrand™

Authenticate digital certificates of genuine brands to avoid buying fake goods.


* niceChat™

Can enable all social apps, including Skype, Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, etc., to communicate cross-platforms.


* niceCode™

Make up for the lack of security mechanism in QR code.

Embedded authentication information prevents netizens from linking to fake web pages.

If any authenticated link information does lead to a malicious web page, the real information, including real name, of the anonymous link generator can be tracked down for legal actions.


* niceCoupon™

A unique anti-forgery coupon mechanism -

- let government agencies, companies, schools, banks, etc. generate custom GroupCoupon for distributing to their account users to use niceRaker® products without individual payments.

- let agents generate custom DiscountCoupon for distributing to the public and get due share of revenue.

- let users of niceRaker® products generate custom RecommendCoupon for distributing to theirs friends and get rewards.


* niceMail™

Fix problems of the global e-mail standard SMTP, such as SPAM, e-mail virus, ransomware, etc.

Combined with niceNobody to extinct malicious emails.


* niceNews™

Authenticate anonymous publishers of online news or messages.

Option to verify their professional titles.

If necessary, government authorities can track down the real information, including real name, of the publisher.


* niceNobody™

Most internet account holders can be anonymous, except for specifically requiring real names, such as bank accounts, tax accounts, social welfare accounts, etc.

For any criminal account, government authorities can track down the account holder's real information, including real name.

For a blacklisted member, government authorities can monitor all anonymous accounts of the member to prevent crime.


* nicePass™

No longer password stealing, password phishing, hassles of remembering too many passwords, etc.

It is the only known product that makes password phishing useless.


* nicePay™

No fake payments or account theft will happen.

The payee can collect payment without knowing the payer's name or payment account.

In the event of any disputes, the electronic signatures of both parties can be used to resolve the issue.

If necessary, legal procedures can be taken to track down the real information of both parties, including real names.


* niceRemit™

Anyone can remit fund to anyone globally at any time, without going to the bank counter for on-site process or setting up the beneficiary's bank account in advance.

There will be no mistakenly sending funds to a wrong account.

Bank employees cannot steal money from accounts.


* niceXXX™


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