niceRaker® has 3 missions


Mission #1 : Solve unsolved cybersecurity problems of decades.

False information, password theft, online payment fraud, privacy violation, cyber crime, fake megadata, blackmail email, DNS hacking/hijacking/spoofing, fake account, spam, e-mail virus, terrorists Internet communication, e-commerce tax, fake orders/ratings/products, etc.

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Mission #2 : Protect privacy.

Technology serves as a legislative basis to prohibit service providers from forcing users to provide private information such as real names, phone numbers, etc.


How to protect privacy?

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Mission #3 : Extend application scope from close to open environment.

For example, let all social apps communicate with each other, including Skype, Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, etc.

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niceRaker® has 5 types of innovations


Innovation #1 : niceCyber

Solves security problems that have grown on the Internet for decades; safeguard the seriously infringed right to privacy; provides a technical basis of legislation for prohibiting service providers from infringing on users' privacy.


Innovation #2 : niceCyberApp

Advances Internet applications from closed to open environment; enables different vendors' software or services to communicate across platforms.


Innovation #3 : niceBusiness

Provides remote business operation effectively; exempts restrictions from infectious disease epidemic; saves time, reduces expenses, and improves efficiency; strictly protect trade secrets.


Innovation #4 : niceManagement

Provides remote company management; allows employees to choose to work from home; avoids the trouble of high housing prices; employs top talents without geographical restrictions; closely monitors employees' performance; strictly controls company documents.


Innovation #5 : niceSoftware

Highly automates software development; improves efficiency by 29 times; avoids human error; provides high efficiency on technical supports, error correction, software modification, and product quality control; makes it easy to hand over product management; eliminates the impact of personnel changes on project progress.

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