ESCOETM - Internet innovation from unsafe & close environment to safe & open environment.

nicePassTM - Kill passwords! Accomplish US national goal of cyber security.

More password stealing or hassles of managing passwords.

niceFinTechTM - niceRemitTM, nicePayTM, niceLoanTM, niceCreditTM, niceFinanceTM, niceCashTM, ... across platforms in an open environment.
niceBchainTM - Take the advantages and make up the disadvantages of blockchain.
niceMail - Eliminate SPAM, e-mail viruses, and other illegal e-mails.
niceNobodyTM - Anonymous Internet accounts with easy tracking capabilities for real name if necessary.
niceServiceTM - Provide online services with authentication remotely.
niceCloudTM - Sustain privacy and ownership of cloud info; service providers may share resources to provide broader services in an open application environment across platforms.
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