niceRaker® has -

* niceXXX

* niceChain

* niceChat

* niceCode

* niceDocument

* niceMail®

* nicePass

* niceNews

* niceWFH

* niceFun


Currently there are 381 projects on the list to be worked on;

274 products will be released to the public in phases.


At different stages, many cyber systems -

* will be opened to government, companies, banks, schools, non-profit charitable organizations, product developers, service providers, niceRaker® competitors, etc.

* for resolving long-existing Internet problems or opening up new markets.

* based on the principle of "request first, serve first".

* subject to the US export regulations.



niceChain™ was developed to fix problems of blockchain.

  niceChain™ retains and improves two major characteristics of blockchain -  

* Privacy - niceChain™ allows account holders to be 100% anonymous to account administrators, but government authorities can follow regulatory procedures to track the true information of account holders including name, phone number, mailing address, etc.

* Decentralization - niceChain™ maintains data only between communication members, without centralized server for data storage, therefore, protect privacy. It does not use bulky long chains to avoid low processing efficiency and high power consumption.



niceChat lets social apps to communicate across platforms, which include Skype, whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, etc.


* The existing social apps can retain its own user interface style.

* niceChat can break the market dominated by big players and allow small players to build their own market.

* Avoid big players from gathering too many users.

* Contribute to global sharing of different cultures.

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niceCode™ was developed to make up for the lack of security mechanism in QR code -

* eliminate fake connections to fake servers.

* avoid phishing through fake servers.

* avoid being implanted with viruses by fake servers.




  An alternative to live demonstrations during epidemics.  

Easily and quickly creates multimedia document with illustration images, text, voices, subtitles, etc.

It supports tens of text and voice languages.


It provides very strict document distribution control.

Only authorized persons can review the document content.


niceDocument™ client software can be used in stand-alone applications but is not under server distribution control.

You can suggest your readers to use niceDocument™ client software to view documents for free.

You can also use video capture software to create mp4 files while using niceDocument™ to play your documents. There are many free video capture software available on Internet. Playing mp4 files is convenient, but lacks a lot of niceDocument™ useful features, like searching for subtitles to find content of interest.


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niceMail® solves the problems of SMTP.


niceMail® effectively eliminates SPAM and malicious e-mails of carrying viruses, redemption, etc.

Combining niceMail® and niceNobody™ can extinct all SPAM and malicious emails.

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niceNews authenticates uploaders to reduce fake news or messages.


Please click the right image to watch "niceNews System Structure"

for more details with voice description and subtitles.

Version: English_211208

Format: mp4

Size: 8 MB

Length: 2:51

Problem with playing mp4? only sound?



nicePass™ kills account passwords and eliminates all related problems.



No longer password stealing, password phishing, hassles of remembering too many passwords, etc.

It is the only known product that makes password phishing ineffective.

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Resolves the issues of "work from home" for both employees and employers.



niceWFH is nice for hiring talents.

* Not restricted by region.

* Convenient to recruit talents from all over the world.

* Eliminate the hindrance of high housing prices to hiring talents.


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A series of fun software as free gifts of niceRaker® for customers.









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