Currently there are 527 projects on the list to be worked on;

at least 91 of them are long-demanded in the industry or quite useful.

With niceDevLib™, software projects will be cranked out quickly.


At different stages, many products will be opened to government, companies, banks, schools, non-profit charitable organizations, product developers, service providers, niceRaker® competitors, etc. for resolving long-existing Internet problems or opening up new markets, based on the principle of "request first, serve first", subject to the US export regulations.

Please see\features.htm

for the brief description of some products.


Improve, correct or replace upon

technical standards or common practices in the industry.

Some examples are briefly described below.


niceChain™ was developed to fix problems of blockchain.

  niceChain™ retains and improves two major characteristics of blockchain -  

* Privacy - niceChain™ allows account holders to be 100% anonymous to account administrators, but government authorities can follow regulatory procedures to track the true information of account holders including name, phone number, mailing address, etc.

* Decentralization - niceChain™ maintains data only between communication members, without centralized server for data storage, therefore, protect privacy. It does not use bulky long chains to avoid low processing efficiency and high power consumption.




niceCode™ was developed to make up for the lack of security mechanism in QR code -

* eliminate fake connections to fake servers.

* avoid phishing through fake servers.

* avoid being implanted with viruses by fake servers.




niceEmail™ solves the problems of SMTP.


niceEmail™ effectively eliminates SPAM and malicious e-mails of carrying viruses, redemption, etc.

Combining niceEmail and niceNobody™ can extinct all SPAM and malicious emails.

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nicePass™ kills account passwords and eliminates all related problems.



No longer password stealing, password phishing, hassles of remembering too many passwords, etc.

It is the only known product that makes password phishing ineffective.

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A series of fun software as free gifts of niceRaker® for customers.









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