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niceRaker® was founded to pursue the next mega trend of the Internet

based on innovative technologies with internationally granted patents.

The solution was designed to co-exist with today's Internet ecosystem

with zero interruption and total transparency in many cases.


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Nowhere to find any solution?  Now, here is the one from niceRaker®.

Nowhere, Now, here!™ is a series of products

that provides solutions you are unable to find from anywhere else.

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Crux of a problem

To solve a problem, the crux of the problem must be identified first. Only after the crux is identified, then effective measures can be taken to truly solve the problem.

For a few examples -

What is the crux of spam, email viruses, and ransomware emails?

Please see "How can niceMail eliminate bad e-mails?"

What is the crux of fake accounts?

Please see "How can nicePass eliminate fake accounts?"

What is the crux of the cross-platform communication between different social apps?

Please see "How can niceChat allow all social apps to communicate across platforms?".

And what is the crux of Internet problems that have accumulated for decades?


The crux is the authentication of persons' identities that are doing things.

Once identities can be automatically authenticated,

deterrence to the exposed identities can eliminate illegality and crime,

almost all Internet problems will be solved.





niceInternet™ is a program that integrates many innovative systems to meet the needs of users, governments, companies, banks, schools, etc. or provide improvements.

For users - protect privacy; avoid being disturbed by spam, viruses, ransomware, etc.; avoid being deceived by fake news or messages; eliminate the troubles of password stealing and remembering many passwords; etc.

For governments - protect national confidential information; reliably provide online services; track the real information of anonymous account holders' that commit crimes or have illegal behaviors; prevent blacklist members from committing crimes; digitize issuance of currency, election, referendums and other activities; etc.

For companies - protect the database from being invaded; protect confidential information; efficient and secure communication not only for business operations, but also for internal management; attract employees with a win-win WFH project; etc.

For banks - in addition to the systems for companies, niceFinTech™ is specifically provided to global financial institutions (including banks) to clean up the chaos caused by third parties and gain the control of financial operations.

For schools - digitize classroom materials easily and quickly; provide online classes easily; digitize mechanisms such as class attending, tests, and scoring; digitize old fashion mechanisms such as library memberships, diplomas, etc.


How does niceRaker® solve problems unbelievably?

* How can niceChat allow all social apps to communicate across platforms?
* How can niceMail
® eliminate bad e-mails?
* How can niceNobody
track the real information of an anonymous account holder?
* How can niceNobody
monitor anonymous accounts of blacklisted members?

* How can nicePaMa prevent password interception?
* How can nicePass
eliminate fake accounts?
* How can SpamAccountKiller
detect and kill mass generated fake accounts?

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niceRaker® provides the nicePrice program for system administrators of niceXXX products to determine any price for a user license, including $0.

The nicePrice program is automatically available to governments, schools and non-profit charity organizations.

niceRaker® will contact some selected companies or banks to offer the nicePrice program.

If you are not contacted and think you should be entitled to the nicePrice program, you can contact niceRaker® and explain why.


niceRaker® is looking for agents in different countries

to help niceRaker® promote business.


The ideal agents would be -

* Passionate about participating in global Internet innovation.

* Able to communicate fluently with niceRaker® in English or Chinese.

* Excellent writing skills for translating English into the native language.

* Have experience in operating Internet business.

* Nice relation with the domestic government is preferred.


If you are interested in niceRaker niceAgent™ program,

please leave your contact information,

niceRaker will provide a document

about niceAgent™ responsibilities and benefits

for your evaluation.

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